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What is our Vision
Our purpose is to create optimum, long-term value for all our customers building stronger customer based relationships.  Dana Information Systems aims to achieve this by applying best-of-breed solutions and business standards, while remaining well positioned and equipped to support our clients in dealing with the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Whatever your requirements are with respect to capturing, analyzing and presentation of business data, we at Dana Information Systems have an effective solution for you.

What we do offer


Our professional consultants aim to provide you with the information systems which support your business processes, by implementing, adapting and integrating best-of-breed tools and technologies with your existing infrastructure.

Dana Information Systems ITIL Certified Consultants are experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of business processes who will quickly free you up to focus on strategic initiatives.

Our consultants will enable you to move forward quickly and confidently using a combination of our own products and market leading workflow technologies.



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